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Bollywood does not value writers: Balki

Mumbai: Writer-director R Balki feels that writers are not valued in the film industry, so they choose to become directors. Balakrishnan, better known as Balki, has written and directed `Cheeni Kum` (2007) and `Paa` (2009). Both were hits.

"I think writers are precious part of film industry but sadly we do not have more great writers. There are more filmmakers than writers. Writers do not get respect and may be (that`s why) they become directors," he said at an event at Whistling Woods film institute.

"Writers are talented people. And we don`t know how to treat and value our writers." But writer-director Habib Faisal, who is basking in the glory of success of his recently released, `Ishaqzaade`, feels the situation is changing today.

"I think today things seem to be positive for writers. They are getting their due and dignity. Writing is about structuring germ or thought. There has to be same vision between director and writer. If the vision between the two goes wrong then the film will go wrong," Faisal said.

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