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Bollywood an enjoyable experience

New Delhi: Sufi singers Puranchand and Pyarelal Wadali, known more for their soulful renditons at concerts are enjoying their brush with Bollywood.

The brothers` who feature in one soundtrack of the upcoming Sonam Kapoor-Shahid Kapur starrer "Mausam" say they had an enjoyable experience.

Recalling the recording for the film directed by Pankaj Kapoor, Puranchand says, "It was a good experience. However, since we can`t read, we would need someone to tell us the lyrics after every two lines, which we would memorise on the spot."

His younger brother Pyarelal says, "We never went to school, we don`t know how to read. We`ve not read the Quran or any religious book. When we sing, we connect with God."

Hailing from Amritsar, the brothers, the fifth generation of musicians in their family convey the messages of Sufi saints in the gurbani, kaafi, ghazal and bhajan genres of music.

Preferring to sing in concerts during which they use only microphones and no electronic instruments, the brothers` make no qualms of the fact that they are not tech-savvy.

"For us, Sufi music is a form of connecting with God. Singing is a form of worship for us, " says Puranchand.

So far, the brothers have released only four albums in a musical career spanning over one decade. The duo were in the national capital to perform at the Sartaj-e-Sufi concert, organised on the occasion of Eid, by 94.3 Radio One.

The Wadali brothers attribute their fame to radio. "Radio gave us the recognition we have today. Personally I feel radio is better than TV, as on radio, listeners can actually enjoy music, whereas on TV, viewers are distracted by pretty girls," says Pyarelal.

Expressing disappointment with today`s remix culture, Puranchand says, "People with real talent should make their own songs, and not "destroy" the work of other artists by remixing their songs.

The singers who rendered soulful lyrics for the 2003 film "Pinjar" directed by Gulzar and also sang one song in "Dhoop" have also featured in the song track "Rangrez Mere" of "Tanu weds Manu" that released earlier this year.

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