Aamir wants acting tips from Hrithik

Mumbai: With actor Aamir Khan set to take over the mantle of a villain in `Dhoom 3`, he is reportedly planning to get in touch with his `Dhoom` predecessor, Hrithik Roshan for acting tips.

Hrithik had played the villain in `Dhoom 2`.

Khan, reportedly, wants to discuss a "few points" with the younger hero regarding his role in `Dhoom 3`.

"Hrithik and Aamir had bonded earlier, but not in this manner. Aamir had never openly come out gushing about Hrithik`s acting. He wants to have a sitting with Hrithik before he starts shooting for Dhoom 3," says a source.

Khan recently admitted during a TV interview that he`s keen on taking acting lessons from the younger actor.

"Hrithik is one of the best looking actors we have. He is also a great actor. I want to take acting lessons from him," the actor had said on television.

Sources say that Khan has given a lot of thought to the matter that he is replacing Hrithik as the villain in the franchise, and wants to live up to it.

"Aamir would like to have a sitting with Hrithik regarding the matter and generally talk about the acting and body language required for the film. Since Aamir is a very private person, he will not share the exact details of the conversation that he shared with Hrithik, but we know that he doesn`t mind taking a few tips from Roshan Junior, and doesn`t even dither to admit it openly," adds the source.