Beauty parlour owner, employee arrested for stealing gold chain

Bhubaneswar: Police today arrested the owner of a beauty parlour and her associate for allegedly stealing a gold chain from a lady customer, who had gone for a haircut.

According to reports, the victim identified as Anjushree Swain had gone to the beauty parlour located in Vani Vihar area of Bhubaneswar for a haircut. However after the haircut, she could not find her gold chain which was on her neck.

“Before going for haircut, the gold chain was there, but after the haircut was over, I saw the mirror and could not find it,” said Anjushree.

On being asked by Anjushree, the parlour employee replied that she might have lost it somewhere else while coming to the parlour or left it in her house.

“I searched all over my house but in vain. Later, I lodged an FIR at Saheed Nagar police station after which the officials went with me to the concerned parlour and recovered the chain from the backside of the refrigerator,” informed Anjushree.

According to sources, the owner of the beauty parlour is a television personality.

Earlier, theft of gold earrings at the parlour was also alleged by another woman.