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Chennai: Cancer per se is a deadly disease. And when coronavirus infects a cancer patient, then certainly it is all the more worrisome as the combine can be fatal. For the 20 cancer patients in the city-based Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital, the fight was a success.

Twenty out of the 29 cancer patients (different types and stages of cancer) who were admitted for Covid-19 infection in the hospital have been successfully cured of the corona, said a top official.

Seven cancer-cum-corona patients are still under treatment in the hospital while two, unfortunately, passed away.

Curing a healthy individual infected with coronavirus does not pose great challenge. But when a person already suffering from a serious disease gets infected with coronavirus, then treatment for Covid-19 turns challenging.

"Such persons were already undergoing a psychological challenge. As a result, complexities in treatment are high,"

Jayanthi Rangarajan, Dean, Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital told IANS.

Further, the immunity levels of the persons suffering from cancer are low and hence there is a higher risk of the coronavirus infection.

She said cancer specialist doctors at the hospital advised the Covid-19 team on the issues faced by the cancer patients.

According to her, there was no interaction between the Covid-19 and the cancer drugs.

A special diet was prepared for the cancer patients, which were high in calories and protein. For those who were suffering from mouth or throat cancer, the food for them was made in a manner that was easy for the patients to consume.

According to Rangarajan, the youngest cancer patient was a 13-year old girl and the oldest was a 73-year old male.

The various types of cancer patients, who were admitted for Covid-19 treatment in Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital include - oral and throat cancer, blood, uterine, rectal and sarcoma.

Meanwhile, the death toll due to COVID-19 in India rose to 2,872 and the number of total positive cases climbed to 90,927 on Sunday, registering an increase of 120 fatalities and a record jump of 4,987 cases in 24 hours, since 8 AM Saturday, according to the Union Health Ministry.