Libra Tarot Predictions for 2023:Tough times for Libra in mid 2023


Love & Relationship

Be wary of jealousy and insecurity in your relationship. Let go of the urge to hold on to the relationship. You will have to make tough choices during this time. Petty issues will turn into big fights. Marriage and commitment will be delayed. However, new start and sense of security will come back only by the later months of the year only if you accept things as they are and your relationship will receive real power and strength that could never come from negative space here after.

Career & finance

This new energy will bring with it career and financial security for you but if you get materialistic your success is likely to go over your head and bring some struggles. Mid months are likely to be difficult. New projects and new start by year end.

Health & spirituality

If you are holding on to any worries, fears or negative emotions your body is keeping a score of it . Release it. Healing and support from friends can serve solution for you. By end of the year you will be doing good to try something new in terms of spiritual practices or development.

Mrs. Bina Sheth
Mrs. Bina Sheth

Mrs. Bina Sheth