One in three women dont trust spouses in financial matters

London: It`s a finding that may not come as a surprise for many women — one in three wives look after the household finances as they don`t trust their husbands in financial matters, a new study has found.

And so mistrustful they are of their spouses` abilities with money that only one in five is willing to take financial advice from them, according to the study conducted by the Good Housekeeping, a New York-based women`s magazine.

Their menfolk are not the only ones women don`t trust, however. Some 90 per cent of those surveyed wouldn`t rely on their bank to help them out of financial trouble either, the Daily Mail reported.

And 87 per cent don`t believe their local politician would be any use. Instead of turning to others, women are much more likely to try to solve their own financial problems, found the study.

Almost a third in the survey said they prefer to use financial websites to get the advice they seek — and only two per cent believe a bank would provide help.

Caroline Bloor of Good Housekeeping magazine said: "This is tremendously empowering.

"It puts women in a very strong position when it comes to making life-changing decisions.

"Women are fast learners when it comes to personal finance. They do their research, they`re more cautious and they`re not too proud to speak up when they don`t understand financial jargon or need advice."

It may seem like a reversal of the traditional roles for women to look after the finances — but it`s not the only one.