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What is to be blamed for childhood cancer?

Sydney: A team of researchers has thrown light on the community beliefs about what causes cancer in children, an area which remains understudied, finds a latest research. “Few childhood cancers are attributed to genetics or environmental factors, so when children are diagnosed with cancer, families often wonder ‘why me/why us’?” said lead author Janine Vetsch, […]

Aspirin and omega-3 safe, lower bowel cancer risk: Study

London: Intake of aspirin and omega-3 is safe and effective at reducing chances of bowel cancer in high-risk patients, according to a new clinical trial. In the trial, published in the journal The Lancet, these low-cost drugs reduced the number of pre-cancerous polyps — a small growth, usually benign — in patients found to be […]

Eating formalin-laced fish does not cause cancer: Goa Cancer Society

Panaji: Even as the controversy surrounding the use of formalin in fish sold in Goa continues to rage in the coastal state, a senior official of the Goa Cancer Society on Tuesday said eating formalin-laced fish does not cause cancer. Addressing a press conference here, Joint Secretary of the Society Dr. Shekhar Salkar said eating […]

Why flight attendants are at high risk of cancer? Know details

New York: Due to regular exposure to carcinogens, disrupted sleep cycles and possible chemical contaminants, flight attendants may be at a higher risk of developing several forms of cancer than others, finds a new research. These include breast, uterine, gastrointestinal, thyroid and cervical cancer. According to the study, flight attendants are also regularly exposed to […]