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Tag: Jet Lag

Exercise may help you counter effects of jet lag, shift-based work

New York: Finding it hard to cope with jet lag, shift-based work? Doing some exercise can shift the human body clock and help you adjust to the shifted schedules, suggests new research. The study, from the Arizona State University, showed that exercise can shift the human body clock with the direction and amount of this […]

How Twitter contributes to 'social jet lag'

New York: People’s social media usage, which largely mirrors daily work schedules and school calendars, is causing a huge amount of “social jet lag” and disrupting their biological clocks, reveals a study that analysed patterns of activity on the social media platform Twitter. Social jet lag — a syndrome related to the mismatch between the […]

Jet lag could up cancer risk

London: Frequent travelling that causes jet lag could increase your risk of cancer because it tends to disturb our body clocks that are controlled by the same mechanism that causes tumours, finds a study The findings, reported in the Daily Mail, showed that people’s internal body clocks have a major influence on cell multiplication and […]

If frequent flyer, take elderberry for relief

Melbourne: Intercontinental air travel can be stressful and affect a passenger’s physical and psychological well-being – new research may have found a panacea in the common elderberry which has been used for centuries to treat various conditions. While jet lag and fatigue are the best known problems, holidaymakers also often experience upper respiratory symptoms. A […]