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Tag: Heart Health

Heart Disease
Minor Heart Defects Linked To Long-Term Problems In Adulthood

London: Researchers have found that a congenital heart defect in childhood increases the risk of chronic diseases, such as arrhythmia and heart failure, in adulthood. The risk of other diseases, including asthma, epilepsy and even psychiatric diseases, is also higher than usual. These adverse effects occur regardless of the severity of the heart defect. According […]

Heart Health
Men & Women May Develop Heart Disease Differently

Toronto: Do you think men and women develop heart disease in a similar way? In a recent study, researchers have revealed that the minerals that block heart valves in men are totally different, as compared to women. This discovery could impact how heart disease is diagnosed and treated for different sexes. The study, published in […]

Have vitamin D-rich food for healthier heart
Have vitamin D-rich food for healthier heart

London: Want to live longer with a healthy heart? Start consuming vitamin D-rich food as researchers have found that consuming foods high in vitamin D can have heart-protective effects. Vitamin D is a nutrient found in some foods that is needed for health and to maintain strong bones. It does so by helping the body […]

COVID-19 Scare May Cause Cardiac Injury In Patients Without Heart Conditions

New York: In a new study, researchers have claimed that COVID-19 scare can have fatal consequences of cardiac injury in people with underlying cardiovascular disease. Even it can cause cardiac injury in patients without any heart conditions. Experts have known that viral illnesses such as COVID-19 can cause respiratory infections that may lead to lung […]

How To Reduce Heart Disease Risks?

New York: Eating tofu daily like other foods can help to reduce heart disease risks. Tofu contains high amounts of isoflavones which are linked to moderately lowering the risks of heart ailments. Isoflavones are a type of polyphenol found in legumes, including soybeans, chickpeas, fava beans, pistachios, peanuts and other fruits and nuts. Soybeans are […]

Follow Plant-Based Diets For Better Heart Health

New York: Reducing animal product intake and following a primarily plant-based diet can decrease the risk of heart disease, say, researchers, adding that it’s because plant-based food minimises the negative effects of a gut-microbiome associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease. The body’s gut microbiota is comprised of a series of microbes that […]

Eat Walnuts Daily For Better Gut, Heart Health

New York: Walnuts may not just be a tasty snack, they may also promote good-for-your-gut bacteria, say, researchers, adding that these ‘good’ bacteria could lead to better heart health. The study, published in the Journal of Nutrition, suggests walnuts as a part of a healthy diet may be a heart- and gut-healthy nut. Additionally, those […]

Smoking Hookah May Increase Heart Attack, Stroke Risk

New York: Researchers have found that tobacco smoke from a hookah caused blood to function abnormally and be more likely to clot and quickly form blood clots, which can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. The study, published in the journal Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology, found that tobacco smoke from a hookah […]

Women Who Dine After 6 P.M. Risk Heart Disease

New York: Women who consume a higher proportion of their daily calories late in the evening are more likely to be at risk of cardiovascular disease than women who do not, researchers have warned. For the study, the research team assessed the cardiovascular health of 112 women using the American Heart Association’s Life’s Simple 7 […]

There is no age for exercise when it comes to heart

New York: Regular exercise is highly beneficial for all patients with cardiovascular disease regardless of age, a new study has said, adding that patients who benefited most from cardiac rehabilitation were those who started out with the greatest physical impairment. Ageing is associated with several factors such as increased inflammation or oxidative stress that predispose […]

Dog at home means longer life, better heart health

New York: A dog at home means longer life and better cardiovascular health, especially for heart attack and stroke survivors who live alone, according to a new study and a separate meta-analysis on the subject. Prior studies have shown that dog ownership alleviates social isolation, improves physical activity and even lowers blood pressure. “The two […]

Doctors Hail New Heart Health Tools On Apple Watch In India

New Delhi: The medical fraternity on Friday welcomed the arrival of the ECG app and irregular rhythm notification feature on Apple Watch for users in India, stressing that it will make people more aware about their heart health. Although the Apple Watch will not provide a final conclusion into whether a person is actually suffering […]

Eat More Plant-Based Foods For Better Heart Health

New York: Eating more plant-based foods and fewer animal-based foods may be linked to better heart health and a lower risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases, a new study suggests. “Eating a larger proportion of plant-based foods and a smaller proportion of animal-based foods may help reduce your risk of having a heart attack, stroke […]

Eat More Plant-based Foods For Better Heart Health

New York: Eating more plant-based foods and fewer animal-based foods may be linked to better heart health and a lower risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases, a new study suggests. “Eating a larger proportion of plant-based foods and a smaller proportion of animal-based foods may help reduce your risk of having a heart attack, stroke […]

Heart attacks also common in young adults: Study

New York: A heart attack, known earlier as a disease of the old, is now strikingly common in people aged 40 and below, finds a study. The study compared people aged 41-50 years and 40 or younger heart attack survivors and found that among patients who suffer a heart attack at a young age overall […]

Good breakfast, less TV exposure may boost your heart health

London: Want a healthy heart? Turning off the TV, being active and eating an energy-rich breakfast of milk, cheese and cereals everyday could be the key, suggest researchers in a new study. The findings of the study showed that people who watched more than 21 hours of TV per week were 68 per cent more […]

New sensor can monitor heart cells with minimal disruption

Tokyo: Engineers have demonstrated an electronic device to closely monitor beating heart cells, or cardiomyocytes, without affecting their behaviour. Inside each of us beats a life-sustaining heart. Unfortunately, the organ is not always perfect and sometimes goes wrong. One way or another research on the heart is fundamentally important to us all. “When researchers study […]

Plant-based food may boost your heart health

Toronto:Consuming a plant-based diet that includes nuts, soy, pulses, beans, peas and a little amount of plant sterolsa may reduce many risk factors for cardiovascular disease including blood pressure, triglycerides and inflammation, a new study has found. According to the researchers, the plant-based dietary pattern is known as portfolio diet and it is based on […]

A doctor with stethoscope examining red heart
Here's how to boost heart health

New York: Cows fed with 100 per cent organic grass and legume-based diet produce “grassmilk” rich in omega-3, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease as compared to conventional milk, finds a study. While omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids are essential human nutrients, consuming too much omega-6 and too little omega-3 can increase the risk […]