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Larger thighs linked to lower heart disease risk in obese people

Beijing: Researchers have found that a larger thigh circumference may be associated with lower blood pressure and a reduced risk of heart disease in obese people. The findings, published in the journal Endocrine Connections, suggest that carrying more weight on the thighs may be a marker of better heart health in Chinese obese and overweight […]

Pregnant Women With High BP At Greater Heart Disease Risk

New York: Women with high blood pressure in their first pregnancy have a greater risk of heart attack or cardiovascular death, researchers have warned. “Women who were diagnosed with preeclampsia tended also to have a history of chronic high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and kidney disease and other medical conditions,” said study lead author Mary […]

Women Going Through Menopause At Greater Heart Disease Risk

New York: A marker for heart disease risk considerably worsens as women transition through menopause, according to a new study. The research team from the University of Pittsburgh in the US, used a subset of data from the SWAN (Study of Women’s Health Across the Nation) Heart, an ancillary study that enrolled women from Pittsburgh […]

Drinking Coffee May Reduce Heart Disease Risk

London: Coffee consumption is associated with reduced risk of metabolic syndrome (Mets), say researchers adding that Mets increases the risk of cardiovascular problems, including coronary heart disease and stroke. According to the study, Assistant Professor Giuseppe Grosso from the University of Catania, Italy, reviewed his own scientific research on the association between coffee consumption and […]

Women Who Dine After 6 P.M. Risk Heart Disease

New York: Women who consume a higher proportion of their daily calories late in the evening are more likely to be at risk of cardiovascular disease than women who do not, researchers have warned. For the study, the research team assessed the cardiovascular health of 112 women using the American Heart Association’s Life’s Simple 7 […]

Eating this bacteria may cut heart disease risk

London: Researchers have discovered that the use of a pasteurised form of Akkermansia muciniphila-an intestinal bacteria provides greater protection from various cardiovascular disease risk factors. According to the findings published in the journal Nature Medicine, the research team from the University of Louvain developed a clinical study in order to administer the bacteria to humans. […]

Eating walnuts daily lowers heart disease risk

New York: Eating a handful of walnuts daily may lower the risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD), says a study. The study, published in Journal of the American Heart Association, examined the effects of replacing some of the saturated fats in participants’ diets with walnuts. It found that when participants ate whole walnuts daily in […]

This software can detect heart diseases. Here's how

Researchers have developed a new software that could spot potentially lethal heart diseases and may lead to improvements in prevention and treatment, says a new study. The software – ElectroMap – which measures electrical activity in the organ, is a new open-source software for processing, analysis and mapping complex cardiac data. The study showed that […]

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Over 500 new genes linked to blood pressure identified

London: Scientists have identified over 500 new gene regions that influence people’s blood pressure — a major risk factor for stroke and heart disease. While lifestyle risk factors are relatively well-known and include obesity, smoking, alcohol and high salt-intake, high blood pressure is also highly heritable through genetics. The study, led by Queen Mary University […]

Even low exposure to arsenic, lead may up heart disease risk

London: Even low levels of exposure to toxic chemicals in the environment like arsenic, lead, copper and cadmium pose a significant risk to cardiovascular health, finds a study, led by one of an Indian-origin. Although often naturally occurring, these contaminants have made their way into water supplies and, via irrigation, into the food chain. Concern […]

Plant-based food may boost your heart health

Toronto:Consuming a plant-based diet that includes nuts, soy, pulses, beans, peas and a little amount of plant sterolsa may reduce many risk factors for cardiovascular disease including blood pressure, triglycerides and inflammation, a new study has found. According to the researchers, the plant-based dietary pattern is known as portfolio diet and it is based on […]

This natural antioxidant can cut heart disease risk

New York: Higher levels of bilirubin — a natural antioxidant — within the normal range in our blood may lower the rates of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) like heart failure, heart attack and stroke, finds a study. A yellow-orange pigment, formed after breakdown of red blood cells and removed from our body by the liver, bilirubin […]

Diet with fatty fish can cut heart disease risk

London: Consuming fatty fish four times a week may help increase the amount of good cholesterol and prevent the risk of heart disease, finds a study. The findings showed that fatty fish increases the size and lipid composition of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) particles, also known as good cholesterol, in people with impaired glucose metabolism. Morever, […]

Having a pet dog cuts heart disease risk

London: If you are you a dog lover and care and compassion for pets then it can help you stay away from heart diseases. Dog owners have a low risk of developing cardiovascular diseases that further enables them to reduce the risk of mortality, a new research confirmed. The study, published in the journal Scientific […]