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14 held at Hyderabad Airport with cigarettes, e-cigarettes worth Rs 50 lakh
14 held at Hyderabad Airport with cigarettes, e-cigarettes worth Rs 50 lakh

On July 27, customs officials had apprehended three passengers and seized the contraband. They too had also arrived from Sharjah by flight 6E1406.

  • Saturday, 30 July 2022
World No Tobacco Day: Habits that need to die hard

  Bhubaneswar: The mushrooming of hookah bars across the city is enough evidence to this new found smoking craze among the youth in Bhubaneswar. It is so much so that the rise in the number of tobacco –related diseases in Odisha has become a major concern for many. For some it is the lack of […]

  • Thursday, 29 July 2021
Philip Morris to fund fight against illegal cigarette trade in India

New Delhi: With illicit cigarettes capturing a fifth of the Indian cigarette market, a global tobacco major has said it will fund proposals under its $100 million global initiative to support third-party projects dedicated to the fight against illegal trade. Philip Morris International (PMI), the makers of Marlboro cigarettes, established its PMI Impact initiative to support […]

  • Tuesday, 06 July 2021
E-cigs may double risk of tobacco smoking in teenagers

Toronto: Teenagers who try vape may be at double the risk for developing addiction to smoking tobacco cigarettes, according to a new study. The findings showed that students in grades 7 to 12 who had tried an e-cigarette are 2.16 times more likely to be susceptible to cigarette smoking. “Since e-cigarettes came on the market, […]

  • Tuesday, 06 July 2021
Effects of third-hand smoke on liver, brain worsen over time

New York: Third-hand smoke (THS) that results when exhaled smoke and smoke emanating from the tip of burning cigarettes gets on surfaces such as clothing, hair, homes, and cars may adversely affect health and the effects worsen with time. The findings, published in the journal Clinical Science, suggest that third-hand smoke toxins could be damaging […]

  • Tuesday, 06 July 2021
GST cess on cigarettes hiked; prices to remain unchanged

New Delhi: The GST Council on Monday raised the cess on cigarettes to take away an estimated INR 5,000 crore annual “windfall” manufacturers could have reaped from lower GST rates, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said on Monday. However, cigarette prices will not change as a result of the increased cess which would be effective from […]

  • Monday, 28 June 2021
Smokers notice health warnings more on plain packs

London: Health warnings on plain-packaged cigarettes affect smokers more than those marked on branded packs, finds a new study. Warnings used on standardised packs were novel and larger than those on fully-branded packs – and displayed pictorial images on both main display areas, the team said. “Consistent with the broad objectives of standardised packaging, our […]

  • Monday, 03 May 2021
Scientist probing if tobacco's native forms less harmful

Chennai: Can indigenous ways of smoking counteract the harm being done by mass-produced cigarettes? Researching the roots of native Fijian tobacco plant ‘suki’ said to originated in Tamil Nadu and smoked in a “roll-up”, a renowned scientist from New Zealand is finding about the similar Indian cheroot. On her visit to India, scientist Marewa Glover […]

  • Sunday, 02 May 2021
Stop smoking cigarettes before they make you blind

New Delhi: Do you smoke cigarettes? Think twice before taking another drag as it may not only damage your heart or lungs but can also make you blind, experts say. Smoking harms the retina — the light-sensing tissue in the back of the eyes, responsible for transmitting images to the brain. “It’s like a film […]

  • Sunday, 02 May 2021
Electronic cigarettes damage brain stem cells: Researchers

New York: In the most damning study so far, a US research team has found that e-cigarettes, often targeted at youth and pregnant women, damage brain stem cells. Even short-term exposure of e-cigarettes (ECs) produces a stress response in neural stem cells, which are critical cells in the brain, said the researchers from University of […]

  • Thursday, 29 April 2021
Health Warnings On Each Cigarette May Help Reduce Smoking

London: Health warnings printed on individual cigarettes could play a key role in reducing smoking, says a new research. For the study published in the journal Addiction Research and Theory, the researchers examined smokers’ perceptions of the warning ‘Smoking kills’ on individual cigarettes – as opposed to the message only appearing on packs. “Tactics like […]

  • Monday, 26 April 2021
E-cigarettes may up heart rate, blood pressure in young people

New York: Smoking e-cigarettes? Read this carefully. Researchers have found that nicotine-filled e-cigarettes can increase heart rate and blood pressure in young people after a vaping session. According to the study, published in the FASEB Journal, e-cigarettes are often marketed to teenagers and young adults as a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco products. Previous studies […]

  • Saturday, 17 April 2021
No Proposal To Raise Excise Duty On Cigarettes, 'Bidis': Govt

New Delhi: The Centre informed the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday that there was no proposal to raise the excise duty on cigarettes, ‘bidis’ and smokeless tobacco. In a written reply to a question, Minister of State for Finance Anurag Thakur said that there was no recommendation by the GST Council to raise the Goods and […]

  • Monday, 05 April 2021