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World Heart Day: Experts Bat For Adoption Of Digital Health To Cut Risk Of CVD
World Heart Day: Experts Bat For Adoption Of Digital Health To Cut Risk Of CVD

OTV Managing Director Jagi Mangat Panda flagged off the cyclothon event in the State capital as the Chief Guest on the occasion of World Heart Day 2021.

  • Wednesday, 29 September 2021
Heart disease greater in people living near oil & gas wells

New York: People living near areas with oil and gas exploration sites could be at more risk of developing cardiovascular disease, say researchers. The pilot study found that those who lived in these areas showed early signs of CVD, including higher blood pressure, changes in the stiffness of blood vessels, and markers of inflammation. “We are […]

  • Friday, 09 July 2021
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Miscarriage might be linked to heart disease risk: Study

London: Women who experience miscarriages or pregnancy loss and do not have children are at greater risk of cardiovascular problems such as heart disease and stroke, compared with women who have only one or two children, says a new study. It could be because repeated pregnancies could result in long-lasting changes within the body including […]

  • Friday, 09 July 2021
Avoid smoking to ward off stroke risks during menopause

New York: Quitting smoking during the transition phase to menopause could be the key to ward off risks of cardiovascular diseases including heart attacks and strokes, suggests a new study. The risk factor most associated with unhealthy arteries was smoking tobacco, said the study published in the journal American Heart Association. The study found that […]

  • Friday, 09 July 2021
Trauma may up heart disease risk in lesbians, bisexual women

New York: Lesbian and bisexual women are more at risk of developing cardiovascular diseases possibly due to trauma caused by abuse and neglect, according to a research. Sexual minority — lesbian and bisexual women — are more likely than heterosexual women to be stressed, use tobacco, binge drink and be obese. The study, led by researchers […]

  • Thursday, 08 July 2021
Over 35% in India low on physical activity: WHO

Geneva: More than 35 per cent of people in India are insufficiently active, increasing their risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes and mental health problems, finds a study by the World Health Organization (WHO). The findings, published in journal The Lancet Global Health, demonstrated that nearly 50 per cent women and 25 per cent men […]

  • Thursday, 08 July 2021
An egg a day may keep heart diseases away

Beijing: If you thought eating eggs is bad for your heart due to their high cholesterol content, think again. A large study has now shown that people who consume an egg every day could significantly reduce their risk of cardiovascular diseases. “The present study finds that there is an association between moderate level of egg […]

  • Wednesday, 07 July 2021
Migraine may up cardiovascular diseases

London: People who suffer from migraine may be at an increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases including heart attacks, stroke, blood clot and an irregular heart rate, researchers say. Around one billion people worldwide are affected by migraine. It has considerable impact on quality of life and imposes a substantial burden on society. Although the […]

  • Wednesday, 07 July 2021
Nearly 50% Indian women at risk of heart disease: Survey

New Delhi: Nearly 50 per cent of women in India live with an abnormal cholesterol level, an alarming indicator of the risk of their being prone to cardiovascular diseases (CVD), a survey has showed. The survey by diagnostic chain SRL Diagnostics revealed that 48 per cent women in the age group of 46-60 years had […]

  • Tuesday, 06 July 2021
Frequent vacations good for your heart

New York: Take out time for travelling amid your busy schedule as frequent vacations not only help de-stress but also reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, reveals a new study. The study, published in Psychology and Health journal, found that a vacation can help people reduce their metabolic symptoms and therefore their risk of cardiovascular […]

  • Thursday, 29 April 2021
Menopause mean age for women in Odisha drops to 40 yrs!

Bhubaneswar: Here is a health alert! The mean age of menopause in women in Odisha has dropped to 40 years from 45 years a half decade ago. This lowering of the biomarker bar in women in the State assumes significance, when the early onset of menopause signals the likely triggering of the mid-life diseases in […]

  • Wednesday, 28 April 2021
Own A Pet For Better Heart Health

New Delhi: Pet ownership, especially that of a dog, is associated with a decreased risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVD), says a new study. According to Hemant Madan, Director Cardiology, Narayana Superspeciality Hospital in Gurugram, it is a well-observed fact that pet owners tend to have a lower incidence of heart disease. “This is due to […]

  • Monday, 26 April 2021
Weight-loss surgery may cut heart disease risks

Paris: In addition to reducing weight, bariatric or metabolic surgery may significantly reduce risk of death from heart complications, says a study. The surgery also help patients with Type-2 diabetes and obesity in controlling the condition and in treatment of cardiovascular diseases compared with people undergoing usual medical care, according to the findings. “The striking […]

  • Monday, 26 April 2021
'Ailing hearts' big worry for Odisha as 23 die every 24 hours!

Bhubaneswar: Odisha seemingly has a high burden of ‘ailing hearts’. The State witnessed nearly a death an hour owing to heart-related ailments. The toll due to cardiovascular diseases in State has been highest over the years. As per recently released report titled Medically Certified Cause of Death (MCCD) by the Registrar General of India (RGI), […]

  • Monday, 26 April 2021
There is no age for exercise when it comes to heart

New York: Regular exercise is highly beneficial for all patients with cardiovascular disease regardless of age, a new study has said, adding that patients who benefited most from cardiac rehabilitation were those who started out with the greatest physical impairment. Ageing is associated with several factors such as increased inflammation or oxidative stress that predispose […]

  • Saturday, 24 April 2021