Molestation case: Woman says Luke tried to kiss her

New Delhi: The US citizen, who was allegedly molested by IPL Royal Challengers Bangalore cricketer Luke Pomersbach, today alleged that the player tried to kiss her and punched her fiance several times after they refused to have a drink with him.

The woman was allegedly molested and her fiance was beaten up by Pomersbach late last night at a five-star hotel here after an IPL party. "I am not sure about his full name. But he tagged along with us after the party and (insisted) that we have few drinks with him. He told something to my fiance and I did not like," the victim told reporters here this morning.

The woman said she felt "uncomfortable" by the "dirty, nasty looks" of the cricketer and told her fiance that he can have drinks with him if he wishes. "When I tried to turn around and go to my room, he grabbed my hand and tried to kiss me. My fiance said `listen, she is not any girl like that. Just leave and go back to your room`," she said.

At this, the player turned around and started beating up him several times and punched him on his face, she alleged. "He got injured in his ears. He is not able to hear properly. He was bleeding," she said.

She said the IPL player was talking to her fiance saying that he wants to have few drinks with us. "Then we left for our room and we thought he had gone to his room but he came upstairs tagging along with us. He asked us to help him around and telling my fiance that lets go and have drinks," she said.

"He (fiance) is a nice guy and he did not want to say No. He just said fine, but….," she said.