White tiger dies in Tata Zoo

Jamshedpur: Reeta, a female white tiger of Tata Steel Zoological Park (Tata Zoo), which had celebrated its 15th birthday on 15th January last, passed away on Saturday last.

Reeta was diagnosed with degenerative joint disease, a common progressive geriatric disease, which had caused posterior paralysis, including disuse atrophy of both the pelvic and thigh muscle.

A team of experts from Kolkata led by Dr. Swapan Ghosh, Veterinary Officer (Retd.) Alipore Zoo, had diagnosed the disease on January 26 last, according to the zoo authorities here.

Reeta was moved to intensive care area of Zoo Hospital immediately and was under the care of the animal keepers and doctor since January 26 last.

Cause of death as found in the autopsy was due to multiple organ failure and paralysis of hind quarters, the zoo authorities said.