Forest officials look out for injured tiger

Kotdwara: Forest officials are on the lookout for a tiger that was supposedly injured in a fight with another big cat in Kalagarh reserve here as it might now hunt humans for easy prey.

Forest parties are patrolling the region to find the injured tiger, as it could start killing humans if it becomes too weak to hunt its natural prey, District Forest Officer, Kalagarh Tiger Reserve, Surendra Kumar said.

The body of a dead tiger was reportedly found in the reserve near Corbett National Park, leading officials to believe that a fight had ensued with another big cat, possibly grievously injuring it.

Pug marks of another big cat were found near the body of the dead tiger, but there was no blood, Director of Corbett National Park Ranjan Kumar Mishra said. Therefore it could be assumed that the other tiger was not grievously injured and might have moved to another region, he said. "But we will keep vigil for the supposedly injured tiger," he added.