Efforts on to revive tiger population in Sariska Natl Park

Jaipur: To revive the population of big cats in Sariska national park in Rajasthan's Alwar district, one tigress will be relocated there tomorrow from Ranthambore national park, state Forest and Environment Minister Bina Kak said.
"A 2-year-old tigress will be relocated to Sariska by road in the morning tomorrow. Preparations have been done by experts," Kak said.
Presently, Sariska has two tigers and three tigresses, who were also relocated from Ranthambhore in the past, besides two cubs whereas Ranthambore, located in Sawaimadhopur district, has a population of 27 adult (tigerand tigers) and 25 cubs, according to officials.
Interestingly, the tigress to be shifted is named after the minister.
"One of the tigresses, 'Bina-1'or Bina-2', will be shifted tomorrow. They were born in Ranthambore two years back and have now started hunting on their own. I monitored them closely since their birth so I am emotionally attached to them hence they were named as Bina-1and Bina-2." she told PTI.