Cadborosaurus spotted in Alaskan waters?

London: A mysterious marine animal, which was captured moving through the chilly Alaskan waters in an amazing video shot by fishermen, could be a Cadborosaurus, say scientists.

The large creature, 20 to 30 feet long with humps on its back, moves menacingly through waters of an Alaskan bay.

The scientists, however, believe that the Alaskan creature could be a Cadborosaurus — a type of sea serpent that got its name from Cadboro Bay in British Columbia and is said to roam the North Pacific, the `Daily Mail` reported.

Paul LeBlond, former head of the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of British Columbia, told `Discovery News`: "I am quite impressed with the video. Though it was shot under rainy circumstances in a bouncy ship, it`s very genuine."

The Cadborosaurus willsi, meaning "reptile" or "lizard" from Cadboro Bay, is an alleged sea serpent from the North Pacific thought to have a long neck, a horse-like head, large eyes, and back bumps that stick out of the water. Sightings have been reported for years.

In 1937, a supposed body of the animal was found in the stomach of a whale captured by the Naden Harbour whaling station in the Queen Charlotte Islands, a British Columbia archipelago.

Samples of the animal were brought to the Provincial Museum in Victoria, where curator Francis Kermode concluded they belonged to a fetal baleen whale. The animal`s remains, however, later disappeared.

Like other cryptids, animals whose existence is suggested but not yet recognised by scientific consensus, the Cadborosaurus has existed only in grainy photographs and eyewitness accounts.