Neelima Mishra, the lone Odisha woman in Arctic expedition for Climate Change

Treasure the name- Neelima Mishra, a super-active campaigner involved in raising awareness on single-use plastic free living which influenced many to go by this earth friendly way of living. One amongst 80 selected worldwide and the only one from Odisha, Neelima has been picked as an official participant for the ClimateForce: Arctic 2019 Expedition, which will be held from 15 June till 26 June, 2019.

Climate change has the potential to derail growth strategies and deepen poverty apart from loss of life, livelihood, assets and infrastructure, is what Neelima thinks.

In her article, she mentioned that the climate change has a special relevance for Odisha because of its location and geophysical conditions. Apart from the devastating super cyclone in 1999, repeatedly, Odisha has been facing intense tropical cyclones — the most recent being Daye and Titli. Not to forget the intense and unprecedented heat waves that claim many casualties.

Much before the ban on sale, storage and manufacture of plastic came into force in several cities of Odisha, Neelima had taken up the challenge and started her campaign in social media making many people aware of the destruction caused by single-use plastic to the lives and the environment. She was quite successful in changing the minds of people as many joined the campaign after that.

She is one of 80 participants of a diverse group of people from across the world who will be participating in Climate Force’s “Leadership on the Edge” program led by Robert Swan OBE, as well as learning exercises led by renowned experts on issues of climate change, sustainability, and energy use. What follows this is that she will also be empowered with tools to implement these ideas and help protect the Arctic, as well as the place she resides in.

On the Arctic expedition, Neelima says, “By witnessing the pristine wilderness on Earth, I will be trained in sustainable ways of living and interacting with the ecosystem by the experts, thus helping me on my climate leadership journey.”

As she gears up for the expedition, she has launched a campaign as an attempt to raise funds to join the expedition to the Arctic to understand the effects of climate change first hand.

The expedition will prepare leaders with resources and actionable solutions to become a part of a global force of change.

“By supporting me, you will get your money’s worth, as I will join a diverse group consisting of sustainability experts, entrepreneurs, and changemakers, which will empower me to work towards a better future for Odisha and our country too,” she states in her article.

A Post Graduate in Forest Management from the Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal, Neelima says she has the requisite skillsets in the realm of environmental and ecological sustainability.  Having got the opportunity to intern with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in difficult terrains like Arunachal Pradesh, Neelima reveals the experience gave her the impetus to work towards nature conservation and sustainability.

Here’s a special video on Neelima’s journey: