Hooch tragedy: Not normal after a week

Cuttack: An errie silence still reigns supreme in village Bada Jharilo under Cuttack Sadar block a week after the hooch tragedy struck on a black Tuesday. Over ten villagers were killed ss they succumbed to illness due to consumption if the killer potion. The village is still in mourning.

The tragedy has left over ten families in dire straits. Several have lost the sole bread earners leaving the families in the lurch. The void has created a question mark on their very sustenance. One thing is common. All have lost their dear ones. Take for example Dhruv Charan Bhoi. The tragedy has left him frail. Dhruv lost his only son Niranjan who was in his prime. Niranjan was a tractor driver and earned quite enough to sustain the family. It is difficult to console his wife and mother. The wounds created by the killer brew are too deep to heal up.

The scene in adjacent village Kurang is no different either. It seems as if life has come to a grinding halt for the bereaved families. Kanhu Bhoi was preparing for her daughter`s marriage. Barely a few days were left for her daughter to go to her in-law`s house. Instead Kanhu Bhoi has left the world for ever. The poisonous potion has left his family in desperation. "How shall we survive now. The government should help us,"said Kanhu`s mother.

The killer bottles are still littered in several places. The fera of the repetition of the black Tuesday keeps haunting the villagers constantly. They are not sure that the tragedy will not visit the village once again.