Forest dept mulls prohibition on tourists at Jhumka

Bhubaneswar: A day after the tragic end of three engineering students of IIIT here in Jhumka dam located in the outskirts of the city, the forest department on Tuesday said it would soon impose prohibitory guidelines over the tourists venturing into the area.
“Precaution has to be taken to avoid such tragic incidents in future. Prohibition should be imposed and people going near the dam should be prevented from venturing into the water of the dam,” Chandaka DFO Akshay Patnaik said.
Though there is a board of the irrigation department near the dam, yet it does not bear any danger sign or prohibition sign over free movement of people in the area close to the dam.
The drowning of the students in the dam is not the lone case in the area. Several people have also drowned in the dam earlier too.
As per the rescuers, the depth of the dam at the point where the students drowned is said to be more than 30 feet.
Earlier on Monday, as many as nine students of IIIT had left their college for market at 12 noon yesterday.
However, instead of going to the market they ventured into Jhumka dam where three out of nine students met their tragic end.
“They took permission for going to market instead they went for the dam. The first body was fished out at water level of 18 feet, the second body was fished out at a level of 32 feet and the third body was taken out from a cliff of a rock inside the water,” Hostel Superintendent of IIIT, Dilip Kumar Panda said.