Farmers demand compensation for pulses crop loss

Bhubaneswar: After paddy crops, it’s now green gram to take the toll. Thousands of hectares of land where moong (green gram) is cultivated in the state are now in the grip of the dreaded Sahabi virus

After paddy crops being destroyed by untimely rains this year, the possible massive loss of green gram is going to adversely affect the farmers in the state.

Meanwhile Agriculture department authorities have said that steps are being taken to fight the disease which has affected green gram.

The farmers who had bought the seeds of green gram at Rs 45 per kilo from the government stores are now blaming the government and demanding compensation.

Ravindra Behera, Deputy Director of Agriculture, Jagatsighpur points out how the deadly virus takes its birth when the seeds are planted in the wet lands.

“Farmers should not be too much worried about this as preventive measures are soon going to be in place,” said Ravindra Behera.