Sabyasachi Kundu

Puri: A servitor was today placed under suspension for allegedly uploading inside pictures of Puri Srimandir on social media. The Patara Nijog suspended its servitor following hue and cry over the photograph which was purportedly clicked inside the Mahalaxmi temple inside the 12th century shrine.

As per reports, the servitor had clicked the photograph while paitas or the sacred threads were being prepared for Lord Jagannath and his siblings inside the Mahalaxmi temple and then uploaded the picture on a social media platform.

After the matter came to light, Patara Nijog suspended the concerned servitor and reported the incident to Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA). The incident has raised question on the security measures as mobile phones are being carried to the temple despite a ban by the SJTA.

It is not for the first time that inside photographs of Puri Srimandir are doing rounds on social media. Earlier, one Hitesh Sunani of Gujarat had posted some pictures of Bhitar Bedha, Koili Baikuntha on his Facebook on November 9,2018.Prior to this, a picture of the 12th century shrine’s interior was also found circulating on social on November 4, 2018.