Mrunal Manmay Dash

Sambalpur/Berhampur: It looks like a fan but has multiple utilities. From pest killing in rice fields to husking of paddy, from deseeding of corn to coconut scrapping, the usages are manifold but the solution is one--"Panchakarma machine".

Krushna Chandra Naik from Bamara area in Sambalpur district has made this multi-utility farming equipment, which can be used for multiple purposes by farmers. He has very fondly named it "Panchakarma". Despite being a government employee, his zeal to do something new has brought him laurels from different corners.

Krushna asserts that pests can easily be eradicated from paddy fields using this device.

"The machine can do five different types of work, so I have named him 'Panchakarma'. I want this to be widely accepted by the farmers and wish the government promotes it further. It will be largely beneficial for agriculture as well as the farmers," said Krushna.

Surprisingly unlike other machines, this doesn't need any fuels like petrol, diesel or electricity. The Additional Agriculture Officer of Bamara, Devanand Sahoo welcomed it and said, "Pests wreak havoc this time of the year. The device will be tested in the field among farmers. According to their feedback we will advise Krushna to do modifications in it if necessary."

Another such inventor is Dwitikrushna Gauda, who successfully managed to make a name for himself by inventing a user friendly farm equipment.

Dwitikrushna, who hails from Gothali village in Ganjam district has his farm located on an elevated altitude, because of which he faced serious problem in irrigating his field. He never gave up and invented a new device through sheer determination and perseverance.

The water lifting pipe, which he claims to have made from water pump footballs and some other materials is capable of lifting water from 15 feet below the ground. He, however, is researching on how to lift water to 40 feet and quite hopeful of achieving it soon enough.