Saswat Singhdeo

Surat: Bidding adieu to close ones is probably the toughest task, but for parents, the decision to donate the organs of a dying son can take no less than extraordinary courage.

One such family from Ganjam district decided to make their son Suraj Behera ‘immortal’ by donating his heart, eyes, kidneys and liver to save the lives of five persons.

Life was going well for the Ganjam youth till it took an ugly turn when he met with a severe accident on October 29 in Surat where he worked at a cloth manufacturing company. Despite efforts by a team of doctors, Suraj’s condition deteriorated and he was subsequently declared brain dead.

“He wanted to achieve something big in life. By donating his organs and saving the lives of many, he has actually become great,” said Suraj’s father Babuli Behera.

After losing all hopes, the doctors conducted a surgery to preserve his vital organs after his family members decided for donation.

His heart was immediately transported to Mumbai within 69 minutes where another surgery was conducted to transplant the organ into a woman’s body. Suraj’s other organs were transplanted in the bodies of four other persons to save their lives.

Nilesh Mandlewala, president of NGO, Donate Life said, “His heart was transplanted into the body of a 40-year-old at Fortis hospital in Mumbai. I thank Suraj and his family from the bottom of my heart.”