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The prevalence of robbery incidents has become a distressing trend in recent times. Various incidents of robberies targeting both commercial establishments and residential properties are reported daily. Robbers ransack shops and homes to steal valuable items. Of course, comprehensive measures to enhance security protocols can be a safe option. But, it is challenging to identify a thief from the crowd. Unlike stereotypical portrayals, thieves aren't always individuals lurking in the shadows, they can come from diverse backgrounds, including white-collar professions.

Here we bring a video of a couple that tries to steal jewellery from a shop but ends up getting terrified. Of course, the smart shop owner averted the robbery as he seemed to be all prepared for such unexpected situations.

As seen in the video, the couple is seen standing inside the jewellery shop while the owner brings them the required ornaments. A gift box can be seen kept on the showcase.

The couple tries to distract the owner. As it seems, the couple has some other intention but the smart owner foils their first attempt. Next, the woman lifts the gift box and keeps it above a glass box containing a big necklace. While the man is busy with the owner, the woman slips down the gift box and hides the jewellery box. A few moments later, the woman lifts the gift box and starts walking towards the exit door. She was least aware that the owner tied a ribbon to the jewellery box that was hidden inside the gift box. 

The owner waits patiently while the couple takes a glance at other jewellery in the shop. The owner keeps holding the other side of the ribbon. 

Suddenly, the woman starts walking out but gets interrupted for the ribbon. She innocently walks to her husband and hands the gift box to him. By then, she was aware that their theft attempt was caught. As she walks out hurriedly signaling her husband to look behind. The man looks behind and finds a big dog gazing at him. He gets terrified and the dog attacks instantly.

As it seemed, the woman noticed the dog and to save herself she handed over the gift box with the valuable jewellery to her husband and walked out.

The smartness of the owner indeed saved him from getting robbed and the couple must have regretted their robbery attempt.

While the original source of the video couldn't be obtained, the incident was captured on the jewellery shop's CCTV. Shared on X (formerly Twitter) by The Figen, the video has gone viral garnering massive views and likes. Moreover, netizens flooded the comment section with praises for the owner and the dog.

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