Cassian Baliarsingh

Speculations are doing the rounds on social media after India’s run machine Virat Kohli opted out of the first two matches for the second Test against England in Vizag. There’s no update on the unavailability of King Kohli who has cited ‘personal issue’ for his absence.

Meanwhile, fans are getting into conspiracy theories and rumours over the absence of the star cricketer. Despite the BCCI’s warning to fans to not speculate anything, several fans alleged that Virat’s absence is down to his mother’s health.

Rumours on social media are rife that Virat’s mother is unwell and has been hospitalized due to which he has taken a break from the game. However, Virat’s brother took to social media to quash all the rumours. He slammed people spreading fake news and claimed that their mother was very fit and doing well.


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“Hello everyone, I have noticed that there is this fake news about our mom’s health been circulating around. Let me clear that our mom is absolutely fit and fine. Also I would request everyone and also the media, not to spread such news without proper information,” he wrote.

Soon, the post went viral with fans demanding the immediate return of King Kohli. 

“King kohli is GOAT🙌❤️🔥 comeback soon king!” a fan wrote.

Another wrote, “Virat Kohli just asked for privacy even BCCI said not to speculate anything still these media won't stop just for click bait🤦”
“May Almighty's special blessings be with everyone in families ❤️. I hope atleast now people will understand, bcci clearly mentioned not to speculate anything but they ended up speculating things at extreme level,” commented another fan.
A fourth fan wrote, “On this day in 2016, Virat Kohli scored his 3rd 50 of the series in 200 run chase & won Player of the series award against Australia (90*, 59*, 50) 🐐🔥 He averaged 199 in that series! 🥵”