Cassian Baliarsingh

The spat between former India players Gautam Gambhir and Sreesanth turned uglier after the pace bowler’s wife slammed the former opener for calling her husband a ‘fixer’.

Reacting to the incident, Sreesanth’s wife Bhuvneshwari Sreesanth said, “It is so shocking to hear from Sree that a player who has played for India with him for many years can stoop to this level. Even after so many years of retirement from active cricket. After all upbringing matters a lot and it shows up when these kind of behaviour comes up on the ground. Shocking, truly shocking.”

While it is not clear what led to the fight, Sreesanth could be seen giving Gambhir a long stare after getting hit for boundaries. In another video, the two can be seen charging at each other. Later, Sreesanth revealed that he was called a ‘fixer’ by Gambhir.

“I have not used a single bad word. I only asked him what he was saying. I only kept laughing in a sarcastic way because he kept calling me ‘fixer, fixer’,” Sreesanth later revealed in an Instagram post.

“My family, my state, everybody has gone through so much. I fought that battle with all your support. Now, people want to down me for no reason. Even when my team is doing well, he said things he shouldn’t have said.  What’s the point of representing people if you don’t respect your own colleagues?” Sreesanth added.

On the other hand, Gautam Gambhir shared a cryptic post on his social media handle and wrote, “Smile when the world is all about attention!”