Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Former Pakistani flamboyant all-rounder Shahid Afridi is known for his hate speeches against India. With each passing day, his opinion against India is becoming more and more sharp and intense.

Under such circumstances, fans across the globe are intrigued by the question whether the former cricketer is following the footsteps of Imran Khan?

Well, as per several political analysts, nothing is impossible as Afridi is handsome, charismatic and most importantly without brains. There is nothing to be surprised if the ‘selectors’ (Pakistan Army) appoints him as the Prime Minister of the country one day.

After his retirement from international cricket, the former aggressive all-rounder has been in the news for his political aspirations. With his sharp hate speeches directed against arch-rival India, he has been trying hard to get political brownie points, woo Pakistan voters and be in the good books of Army.

Earlier this month, Afridi had falsely claimed that the Pakistani cricket team bus was attacked with stones after winning a Test match against India in Bangalore back in 2005.

Afridi also urged Pakistani cricket team to continue competing in India despite past incidents, showcasing the significance of sportsmanship and promoting healthy cricket.

When India diluted Article 370 of its Constitution and bifurcated Kashmir into two Union Territories in 2019, the field was open for many in Pakistan to build a political career out of the situation.

Cashing in the opportunity, Afridi had then told a triggered crowd about his grandfather Abdul Baqi Sahib, who was given the title of Ghazi-e-Kashmir. Hence, Kashmir belongs to him and his future generations.

Earlier, Afridi’s statements regarding Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, calling him ‘buzdil’ and narrating how Pakistan served tea to the captured Indian Air Force pilot (Abhinandan Varthaman) who he considers a ‘chooza’, had stirred quite a storm in a teacup. 

Though many slammed Afridi for being way out of line, they had no idea how that cup of tea statement will serve his purpose in the ‘selection’ of the future Prime Minister in Pakistan.

However, some of Afridi’s immature statements on India have often led him into trouble as well.

When Afridi had said that he gets more love in India than in Pakistan during the 2016 T20 World Cup in India, Pakistanis went crazy and expressed their dissatisfaction.

Meanwhile, Afridi’s Kashmir policy is as volatile as his cricketing career. Before joining the ‘Kashmir Banega Pakistan’ bandwagon officially, there was a time when Afridi thought that Pakistan couldn’t even manage its four provinces, what would it do with Kashmir?

However, with change in time, his aspirations and statements against India also changed.

As per many political experts, Afridi is being groomed to become another viable political pawn by those who actually run the country. His immaturity often engulfs his intellectual stand point and it keeps him in good stead in the radar of the ‘selectors’.

The ‘selectors’ see something in Afridi that they couldn’t find in Imran Khan. Afridi could be just another mouthpiece or little more than that for them in future.