Bibhu Prasad Ray

Indian cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar is rightly known as the God of Cricket. The Master Blaster earned his greatness by setting up innumerable records across all forms of cricket.

Tendulkar, who has amassed over 34,000 international runs and scored 100 centuries, is widely respected and admired for the achievements he has achieved in the game of cricket. He has entertained every single person through his batting prowess during his illustrious career which spanned 24 years.

The veteran cricketer on Thursday shared a heart-warming video on X about his surprise meeting with an enthusiastic fan on the road that melted everyone’s heart. 

In this video, a die-hard Sachin fan who was on his way on a busy road was stopped by the legend himself after he saw the text written on his jersey.

The fan was wearing Mumbai Indians Jersey No 10 with ‘I MISS YOU Tendulkar’ written on the back.

After noticing the fan, Sachin stopped his car and surprised him by asking 'Airport Kaise Jana Hai'.   

"Sachin meets TENDULKAR. 😋 It fills my heart with joy when I see so much love showered on me. It is the love from the people that keeps coming from unexpected corners which makes life so special," Sachin wrote while posting this heart-warming video on X.

Sachin also signed an autograph for him and clicked a picture with him to make the fan’s day filled with happiness and love. Sachin also praised the fan for wearing a helmet while driving his scooter.

The fan also reacted to this and said, "I am really happy I met my God today."