Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

MS Dhoni is one of the most successful cricketers in India. He enjoys an iconic status in world cricket. Though Dhoni has retired from international cricket, he still plays in the cash-rich Indian Premier League (IPL) as the captain of the Chennai Super Kings.

During his international cricket career, Dhoni was the captain of Team India. The Captain Cool was playing in all the three formats. He was hardly getting any time for his family members. Under the circumstance, things were difficult for the life partner of Dhoni.

Sakshi Dhoni, wife of Indian cricket legend Dhoni, recently opened up in a video about side-effects of marrying a cricketer. She also spoke about various sacrifices that a cricketer’s wife has to make in order to adapt to this huge change in their lives.

“When Dhoni stepped down from Test cricket, we always had a hint that he is gonna step down. It’s because I remember I even told him if you want a child, you should step down from at least one format. Because you have no time. How will you enjoy your child?” said Sakshi.

Dhoni retired from Test cricket on December 30, 2014 when Sakhsi was six month pregnant with their first child.

“Even when Ziva happened, everyone in the hospital was like ooh! your husband is not coming! But, I said, ‘I am fine. It doesn’t matter’. Cricket is his priority and he is my priority. So whatever is his priority is my priority,” said Sakshi.

“People still say me ooh! He was not there. You have to sacrifice so much being his wife. I am like, it’s nothing, it’s all our love. When you are in love, you can’t call it sacrifice. You just do it because you love that person. He wanted to be with me that time, but he couldn’t,” she added.