Cassian Baliarsingh

The Mumbai Police is on high alert after it received a threatening message from an unidentified person of a nefarious incident at the Wankhede Stadium during the India vs New Zealand match. Swinging into action, Mumbai police has issued a statement and directed everyone to be safe and careful.

Along with the message, Mumbai Police reportedly got pictures of a gun, hand grenades and bullets from the unknown sender. Soon after the threatening message, Mumbai police tightened up the security arrangements in and around the stadium and other nearby areas.

“An unidentified person posted a threat message to Mumbai Police on X (formerly Twitter) that a nefarious incident would be executed during the India vs New Zealand at Wankhede Stadium today. Strict vigilance is being done in the area around the stadium and nearby areas. The person had tagged Mumbai Police on his post and shown gun, hand grenades and bullets in a photo,” read a statement released by the Mumbai police.

It is unclear if it is just a prank call or a real threat. Meanwhile, the identity of the unknown sender is yet to be known.