Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has effected a notable change in playing conditions to stop the use of Decision Review System (DRS). As per the change in rule, the umpires henceforth will only assess the side-on replays for stumping without considering the caught-behind scenario during the DRS referrals.

As per ICC, if a team wants to refer to caught-behind in the process of a stumping, it will now have to exercise a DRS option for the caught-behind appeal separately.

Now, the appeal for stumping will only display images from the side-on camera and the umpires will only consider them as they will not inspect for a snick.

“The change confines a stumping review to only check for stumped, therefore preventing the fielding team a free review for other modes of dismissal (i.e, caught behind) without choosing a player review,” read ICC’s new amendment.

More clarity has also been brought in concussion replacement rule. Now, the substitute player will not be permitted to bowl if the replaced player was suspended from bowling at the time of the concussion.

Moreover, ICC has limited to four minutes the time set for on field injury assessment and treatment.