Cassian Baliarsingh

A hilarious video of Gujarat Titans (GT) coach and former Indian fast bowler Ashish Nehra kicking cricketer-turned-commentator Murali Kartik on his crotch will leave you in splits.

The video of the two former Indian bowlers before a match has been going viral on social media. After the kick, Kartik can be seen falling to the ground and seems to be in pain as Ashish continues to laugh. The former India spinner gets up from the ground and also tries to take revenge, but fails.

The hilarious video was once again shown on the giant screen during the fixture.

The video shows Ashish Nehra and Kartik talking to each other about something on the field before the beginning of the match. Before Kartik can understand anything, Nehra kicks him on his crotch following which he falls down on the ground.

Seeing him fall down, Nehra bursts out in laughter but later helps him get up from the ground. Since being shared online, the video has garnered 530.1K views with 7242 likes and 757 retweets.

Fans flooded the comment section with hilarious comments and laughing emojis.

“Nehra ji did what we all dreamed of doing to Kartik. Hope this keeps him out of commentary for some time,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “From stump destroyer to balls destroyer, Nehra ji has come a long way.”

“Should have listened to his commentary. He said ‘he should be the one to get birthday bumps, but he kicks me in the place where I can’t even mention," commented another user.