Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

The attack on former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has created severe tension with Team India fans demanding shifting of the upcoming Asia Cup, which is scheduled to take place in Pakistan next year, to a neutral venue.

Responding to the situation a fan tweeted, “Sorry, after incident of #ImranKhan In my opinion   Indian cricket team should not to travel Pakistan for #AsiaCup2023.”

“A country where Ex-PM is not safe, expects India to send their Cricket team #AsiaCup2023,” wrote another fan.

Citing the reason for a neutral venue another cricket buff commented, “That’s the reason Indian cricket team avoiding to go Pakistan for Asia cup. Because they can't give security to former PM.”

Here are some other reactions by fans:

“You can understand why #AsiaCup2023 requires a neutral venue.”

“Do u really think #india going to #AsiaCup2023 in #pakistan not possible in any case #AsiaCup2023 shifting to #UAE or other venue #ImranKhan.”

Notably, Imran was shot during a protest convoy on Thursday as a gunman opened fire at a campaign truck carrying Khan, wounding him in both his legs. The gunman was arrested at the scene and no group has claimed responsibility for the shooting.

The attack happened while Imran, who led the Men in Green to their first World Cup title in 1992, was leading a protest convoy of his political party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), supporters in Wazirabad and was heading towards the capital, Islamabad. 

It was part of his campaign aimed at forcing the government to hold early elections.