Cassian Baliarsingh

Lethal bird flu pandemic, 100 times worse than COVID-19, is likely to hit the world, warned scientists, the New York Post reported. A daily worker in Texas has reportedly caught the virus.

“This virus has been on the top of the pandemic list for many, many years and probably decades. And now we are getting dangerously close to his virus potentially causing a pandemic,” said Suresh Kuchipudi, a bird flu researcher from Pittsburgh, Daily Mail reported.

Suresh further added that the H5N1 virus has already been detected in species and has shown the ability to infect mammals including humans.

“I think this virus is playing out in plain sight and globally present now. This appears to be 100 times worse than COVID-19. Once it infects humans, we can do nothing and only hope that the fatality rate drops,” Suresh further added.

Shockingly, at least 52% of the people who had contracted the bird flu virus H5N1 since 2003 have died, according to the WHO report. Talking about the symptoms of bird flu, it is similar to other flus like cough, body aches and fever, the New York reported.

In many people the symptoms may not be noticeable, but may develop severe, life-threatening pneumonia.

Meanwhile, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre informed that the Biden government is administering the threat.

“Our top priority is to keep communities healthy, safe and informed,” Pierre informed.