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So, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is like that fancy new bottle with something old inside – it's speeding up the world and making it a global village. But there's a flip side: this quick transformation might wipe away the beautiful diversity we cherish in India. What's more, most folks using AI don't really know how it works, who controls it, or how it might affect our unique cultures and traditions.

Making Everything Alike: Imagine AI making every place seem the same. Our colourful cultures, languages, and traditions might start fading because AI connects everything so fast that it blurs our differences. This could take away what makes each part of India special.

Losing Our Uniqueness: Sometimes AI might quietly change how we live without us even noticing. It might make us lose our unique flavours – the things that make India what it is. If only a few people understand and control AI, they might decide a lot of things for us without us being aware.

Forgetting Our Roots: AI might slowly change how we do things and replace our special traditions with something less special. We might forget what makes us 'us' – our colourful festivals, different languages, and the cool things we've been doing for ages.
AI's Power to Influence: With only a few folks really getting AI, it could easily influence things without us realising. Our diverse cultures and traditions might become victims of decisions made by a few who control these powerful technologies.

AI's fast progress is exciting, but it's also risky. It brings us closer together, but it shouldn't erase what makes each part of India so awesome. Most folks using AI don't really understand it, and that's a worry. We've got to make sure our colorful cultures, languages, and traditions stay alive and kickin', even in this age of fancy tech like AI, where only a few hold the keys.

By Trijeeb Nanda (Civil Court, Parjang)

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