Pradeep Pattanayak

Three minors had to pay a heavy price after being caught while riding a bike in Nayagarh town on Friday. A fine amounting to Rs 25,000 each was slapped on them. 

Today was the last day of the zero fatality week the Odisha government was observing to prevent road fatalities. The lens was particularly on teenage riders. 

According to a source, the Nayagarh RTO on Friday intensified the checks in the town. While the checks were underway at two educational institutions in the town, three minors were caught while riding two-wheelers. 

The RTO seized the three two wheelers-two scooters and a bike and slapped a fine of Rs 25,000 each on them. 

When contacted, Nayagarh RTO Prashant Parida said as per the rule action against the minors’ parents would be initiated. 

“Today was the seventh day of the zero fatality week. During the last six days, we caught several offenders. Today morning, we caught three juveniles who aren’t old enough to ride two-wheelers. While a fine of Rs 25,000 each was slapped on them, the three two-wheelers they were riding were also seized. As per the rule, their parents can be jailed for three years and they (minor violators) mayn’t be issued driving licenses till 25 years of age," said Parida. 


(Reported by Jayendra Behera, OTV)