Cassian Baliarsingh

Veteran actor Yashpal Sharma, who is known for movies like Gangaajal, Lagaan and Ab Tak Chhappan, graced the mega Tarang Cine Flix conclave and echoed his voice on the need to take regional movies to the global platform.

Speaking to OTV, Yashpal Sharma said, “Regional cinemas are finally getting their due recognition. Odia, Bengali and Malayalam movies are no longer limited to their respective states. Regional movies are slowly attracting viewers globally and doing wonders.”

“There are so many films that are being viewed globally and being dubbed into various languages. However, making a regional movie is not an easy job. We have to make a lot of sacrifices to take regional films to the global platform," the actor said.

Sharing his insights, the actor further said, “We cannot let go of a Bollywood movie with some big star because it brings food to our plate. So, we try to balance commercial movies and regional movies. But, the satisfaction comes mainly from regional movies.”

Praising the regional actors, Sharma said, “If we speak of Odia movies, actor Manoj Mishra is doing great work. He has acted in the Patnagarh blast movie with Atul Kulkarni. I have a guest appearance in the movie. Similarly, there are other actors who are doing great work in Telugu, Tamil and Haryanavi movies as well.”


(Reported by Prasanjit Ray, OTV)

“For example, I recently did a Tamil movie and it is doing so well that even megastar Rajinikanth even watched it. It will also be released in Kerala, Andhra and Karnataka and will be remade in Telugu and Hindi. So, I want to say that every regional movie is doing great," said Sharma.

“Big-budget movies like RRR, Pushpa and KGF are doing great, but my focus is on low-budget movies. Any movie be it low-budget or big-budget, it has to be content-based and should be able to satisfy the audience,” he concluded.

The ‘Apaharan’ actor also spoke about his movie Dada Lakhmi, the musical journey of Pandit Lakhmichand that has grabbed eyeballs internationally and has now several awards.

Meanwhile, the second day of Tarang Cine Flix, the conclave to celebrate the journey of regional cinema kicked off to a colourful start on Sunday. Several well-known film personalities are scheduled to attend the event and speak on the importance of taking regional cinemas to the global platform.