Pradeep Pattanayak

There is a saying that ‘Love for a person is known at the hour of separation.’ This time-tested saying once again proved true when the whole villagers came out of their houses to give an emotional farewell to a headmaster who served for two and a half years at the village school. 

 The incident was reported from Rangapati village under Soro block in Balasore district on Sunday. 

Two and a half years ago, Sarat Chandra Biswal joined the Rangapati Government Upper Primary School in Rangapati village as the headmaster.  After his joining, the school witnessed a sea change. The quality of education imparted at the school improved significantly. 

 All from six to sixty would call him fondly ‘Sarat Sir’.

It was when the news of their Sarat Sir’s transfer broke; the students as well as the villagers couldn’t believe it. They didn’t want their favourite teacher to go somewhere else.

On Sunday, Sarat saw an expected arrangement made by the students and villagers to bid him farewell. He was taken in a procession that passed through the lanes and by lanes of the village. Drummers were hired to make the procession a grand one. 

The procession ends at the school where a felicitation ceremony was organised. Students, parents and villagers were seen breaking into tears when they were giving gifts to their favourite teacher. Later, the school authorities felicitated him with a certificate. 

“His ideology, duties towards students, principles and way of teaching were beyond reproach. This is the reason why the villagers are happy with him. He was given a farewell in a grand way,” said a villager. 

In his reaction, an elated Sarat said, “During the time I spent here at the school, I did what I should do as a teacher. Students, parents, villagers, committee members and teachers took me in a grand procession from the village end. I was overwhelmed by the love and affected they showered on me.”


(Reported by Niranjan Behera, OTV)