Pradeep Pattanayak

The residents of the Rourkela have blamed the government for the outbreak of Cholera in the city. The residents of the steel city alleged that they had been receiving dirty water for two months before the outbreak. As per their complaints, the taps were dispensing frothy water that smelt like that of drain water.  At times, insects were also found in the water, they alleged. 

They said they have been receiving clean water only in the last three to four days.

Holding the government squarely responsible for the current situation in the city, they said it is the duty of the government to supply clean water. 
“The water we were receiving from the taps was stinking like drain water. As we had no other option, we were forced to use that water,” alleged a city dweller. 

On the other hand, Rourkela Municipal Corporation’s Commissioner, Subhankar Mohapatra said the number of Cholera-affected patients has decreased. 

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“The number of Cholera patients has decreased. The number of patients undergoing treatment at IGH and other private hospitals will be around 50. While their condition is stable, many of them are expected to be discharged today. It can be said that the situation is completely under control,” said Mohapatra. 
“So far we have tested more than 1500 water samples. It was found that the samples have the required amount of chlorine residual. At present, we are also testing around 500 samples per day,” he added.

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