Himansu Shekhar Rout

After a long gap, a crackdown on cars and four-wheelers using tinted glass windows was stepped up in Bhubaneswar on Wednesday. 

A joint drive by the Commissionerate Police, Traffic Police and officials of the Regional Transport Office was started to check the use of tinted glass. Tinted glasses in four-wheelers are prohibited under the legal framework.

As per the provision, anyone violating this order will invite penalty. The violators can be fined Rs 5,000 and face imprisonment for six months.

The crackdown on the vehicles with tinted glasses was taken up following allegations that such vehicles are being used in illegal activities and drug smuggling. 

Police Commissioner Sanjeeb Panda said, "Many times, we had information about four-wheelers with tinted glass being used for illegal activities. Taking a serious note of such allegations, we have started this drive jointly with traffic police and RTO staff.”

He added that the drive was started on Tuesday and it will be intensified further in the days to come.

“We appeal to people that if they have used such black films on their cars and vehicles, they should remove it on their own. Or else, when they are caught, the RTO will impose a penalty of Rs 5,000 on them. Then, police will submit a prosecution report to court against the violators,” he observed.

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