Himansu Shekhar Rout

The Nandankanan Zoological Park was thronged by a huge number of visitors on Monday on Christmas. The newly installed ropeway was the major attraction as a large crowd was seen queuing up to enjoy the ride to take an ariel glimpse over the beautiful Kanjia lake.

Besides, visitors crowded around the enclosures where some new animals were kept while scores enjoyed the boat ride in Kanjia Lake.

Hoolock Gibbon was another attraction for visitors who came from various parts of the state and even outside.
Keeping in view the large turnout on Christmas, as many as 15 booking counters were opened for ease of ticket booking.

Besides, ticket booking was also done online and through Whatsapp. Visitors were provided with battery-run vehicles to move inside the park.  “I came here for the third time and enjoyed everything,” a visitor said.

Sarat Kumar Sahu, the assistant conservator of forests, Nanadankanan, said, "The ropeway was made functional while the boating facility which was stopped earlier was reintroduced. Hoolock Gibbon was brought from the northeast. Visitors love to watch the animals.”

By 1 pm on Monday, as many as 10,000 visitors entered Nanadankanan, sources said.

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