Vikash Sharma

The exact motive behind the brutal assassination of Odisha Health Minister Naba Das still remains a mystery as the victim's son, Vishal on Tuesday, immersed his ashes in Prayagraj.

Bhakta Prasad Nanda, the teacher of Naba Das, in an exclusive interview to OTV, raised doubts over the ongoing investigation, as the motive why the Assistant Sub-Inspector Gopal Das shot the minister is still unclear.

“As far as the recovery of pieces of handwritten letter from the sewage tank is concerned, I am little doubtful. I also doubt whether the investigation will reach its logical conclusion. But as very senior officials are working on the case, let's see what comes out of the investigation,” said Bhakta.

While recalling the fateful incident on January 29, Bhakta said, “My wife was watching TV when the news of Naba Das being shot first broke. She called me and it was really painful to hear the news.”

Bhakta further revealed that Naba Das was not an ordinary student. Due to some issues at the district school, he was admitted to Kuchinda High School.

"Naba’s uncle Bijay Mohanty, who was a socialist leader at that time, was worried about his education. I was posted as headmaster at Bojpur High School under Kuchinda sub division when Bijay approached me for his admission."

“I always used to tell students that I liked naughty kids. As Naba Das was frequently changing schools, I realised that he might be naughty and I wanted that he comes to me so that I can shape him and his future. Naba Das had completed 9, 10 and 11th standards under my guidance,” informed Bhakta.

Recalling his association with Naba Das after schooling, Bhakta informed that Naba always used to visit him and his family in every two to three months.

"Naba used to visit my house and used to stay for over an hour. He never visited us with his security," he said.

Teachers’ Day Gift

As my hearing aid had got defunct, Naba had asked me to visit Bhubaneswar so that a new hearing aid can be provided after necessary check up. But I was against taking any obligations. Recently, when Naba realised that I was facing difficulties in hearing on Teachers’ day, he immediately called up a doctor and did the necessary work for completing the tests which took over two and a half hours.

(Reported by Sanjay Jena)