Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

An ultra-talented artist in Subarnapur district is turning heads with his incredible drawing skills.

Meet Radheyshyam Rana, from Bagabar village under Birmaharajpur block in the district, who can draw two portraits with his right leg at the same time. Rana is such a gifted artist that he can draw an accurate portrait of anybody on canvas with ease.

As per reports, Rana binds two pens in a piece of wood and fixes it on his foot. With the help of the wood, he can smoothly draw two portraits of different persons or objects simultaneously.  With this special skill, he has drawn lively pictures of Gods and Goddesses, cine stars, the President of India and others accurately.

“It seems almost impossible to draw two pictures simultaneously with one’s leg. However, nothing is impossible in this world. With rigorous practice, I have mastered the skill. I can draw two different pictures accurately with the help of my leg," said Rana.

Rana’s immense talent as an artist was apparent from his childhood days. Though he belongs to a poor family, his family members helped him grow as an artist. Initially, he started drawing with his hands. Later, he practiced to draw portraits with his leg. Gradually, he improved and fine-tuned his special skills with rigorous practice and now he can draw two pictures simultaneously with his right leg.

Rana has recently appeared in the Plus 2 examination. Though he aspires to study in an art college, his acute poverty and severe financial constraints have emerged as a major impediment to fulfilling his ambition. His family members have requested that the government and private sectors extend their helping hands to fulfill the ambition of Rana to pursue higher study.

“My son is a talented artist and he is eager to study in an art college after his Plus 2. However, we are very poor and not in a position to afford his study. We request the government or private institutions to extend their helping hands so that he can fulfill his dream,” said Rana’s mother Pankajini.

“Rana needs further training to fine-tune the subtle nuances of art. The government should help him in his higher study,” urged Krushnachandra Sahu, a villager.