Rashmi Ranjan

Rukuna Rath Yatra, the famous chariot festival of Lord Lingaraj in Bhubaneswar is scheduled to be held on Wednesday and preparation for the annual festival has reached final stages. 

While the artisans are busy giving final touches to the chariot of Lord Lingaraj, the work is believed to completed by 8 pm today.

According to sources, the chariot will be handed over to the temple administration after completion of the remaining work. 

While the ‘pratistha’ and auction of ‘Maricha Kunda Pani’ will begin after 10 pm today, the rituals of Lord Lingaraj will begin at 5 am tomorrow.

Similarly, the pahandi of Lord Lingaraj will begin at 1.30 pm tomorrow and the pulling of chariot will start at 3.30 pm, sources informed.

“As per the planning and meetings, everything is being carried in a disciplined manner. We have requested to handover the chariot by 8 pm tonight,” said Prafulla Kumar Swain, Bhubaneswar ADM.

Meanwhile, elaborate arrangement has been made for crowd management and smooth conduct of the annual festival of Lord Lingaraj.

(Reported by Archana Satapathy, OTV)