Himansu Shekhar Rout

The elephant which had been unleashing mayhem for some days in Dasrathpur area of Jajpur district was finally reined in by the Forest Department on Saturday. Forest officials and guards after tracking the animal were able to tranquilise it on Barikul Road near Adaita Sahi.

As per reports, an elephant, after separation from its herd, strayed into Dasrathpur some days ago. The animal was first spotted causing havoc in paddy and vegetable fields in Kuanrpur. As it went on a damaging spree, people panicked and fumed over large-scale damages to crops. They sought help from the Forest Department.

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Speaking to the media, Cuttack DFO, Ajit Tripathy said, “We guess the elephant might have strayed from Similipal-Hadagad or Kuldiha sanctuary corridor area through Bhadrak.  Being a young elephant (aged 15 or 16), it is unable to return to its herd. We are trying to know from where it came. As it is too young, it is not in a position to return.  We will translocate it back to the area.”

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  • Sanjeeb Nayak