Rashmi Rekha Das

Irregularities in the Student Academic Management System (SAMS) have led to inordinate delay in the admission process of post graduate (PG) students in universities and colleges. As a result, PG seats at colleges and universities are lying vacant even as students are waiting for admissions.

Students alleged that due to SAMS irregularities, many deserving students are being deprived of admission. They had appeared for common entrance test in the month of August to get admission on merit basis. However, due to SMS irregularity, admission into PG courses is yet to be completed. 

Importantly, colleges and universities start taking PG classes in November and students have to appear for first semester in December. Thanks to SAMS irregularities, students have not attended a single class so far.

Ranjan Behera, a student said, “Not only students, but colleges and universities are also facing problems due to SAMS. Sliding option in SAMS is responsible for all the mess. This problem arises as some students apply for admission in more than one college during spot admission. As a result, seats remain filled up.” 

He further said “Problem does not end here. Even after applying for admission, they use the sliding option and switch to other colleges and universities.  As a result, many scholar students who are in waiting list are being deprived of admission.”

Meanwhile, students have demanded the Higher Education Department to remove the sliding option from SAMS and sort out technical issues so that it will be easier for students for taking admission.

Aparajita Choudhury, vice-chancellor of Rama Devi Women’s College, said, “Some issues are there with SAMS which is why students are facing these problems. Sliding option must be removed to sort out the issues.”