Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Several angry tourists forced their way into the Sun temple premises at Konark on Sunday following a delay in ticket checking process.

As per reports, there was a huge rush at Konark temple on Sunday. However, the tourists had to wait for long hours under the scorching sun to enter the temple premises due to inordinate delay in the checking process

At last, several irate tourists lost their patience and tried to barge into the temple premises. The temple authorities tried to stop the tourists by locking the main gate of the temple. However, several tourists tried to force their entry into the temple premises by climbing on the gate and temple wall. In the process, many tourists including those who didn't have tickets also entered the premises. The incident happened between 10 to 11 am today.

As per the allegations by some tourists, they are facing many difficulties in getting the off-line tickets. They have to wait for long hours to enter the temple premises due to the unnecessary delay in the checking process.

Some of the tourists also alleged that the delay in buying tickets and the checking process is occurring due to the deployment of untrained security personnel by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) authorities.

As per the latest reports, things normalised after one hour following the police intervention. 

Notably, these kinds of incidents are frequently happening in the temple due to the alleged lackadaisical attitude of the ASI authorities.