Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan’s 'Kaurava Sena' remark during a book release event in New Delhi has triggered curiosity and confusion in Odisha politics.

While releasing the book of eminent writer Bijay Nayak, Pradhan said, he is ready to bear all the shrills of the Kaurava army in Odisha.

“Kaurava army has not read Jajnyaseni (a famous Odia novel) as Pratibha Ray (writer of the novel) was not there at that time. So, they might not have understood women sensitivity,” said Pradhan.

However, Pradhan didn’t clarify to whom he is calling Kauravas in Odisha.

Speaking about MP Bhartruhari Mahtab, who was present at the event, Pradhan said he calls him grandsire Bhishma.

“Bhartruhari has brought glory to Odisha by becoming MP six times. I call him grandsire Bhishma. He will retire from politics whenever he only wants. Ironically, someone is telling him that he will not be able to win even a councillor post. Prime Minister likes him,” said Pradhan.

Meanwhile addressing the meeting, Mahtab said, “Once Gandhiji had called to remove fear from the minds of people in Odisha. Today, Union Education Minister has mentioned about that fear in Odisha.”

“He didn’t reveal many things as I will be put into trouble. But I asked him why didn’t he tell things openly,” said Mahtab.

Meanwhile, Dharmendra Pradhan’s words of praise for Bhartruhari and his ‘Kaurava’ remark have heated up the political atmosphere in the State.

Responding to Dharmendra’s statement, leader of the Opposition Jayanarayan Mishra said that the ruling party is ‘Kaurava’.

“Ruling party BJD will be ruined as they are indulged in ego like the Kouravas. Bhartruhari is a talented person. His performance in Lok Sabha is praiseworthy. Prime Minister wanted him to be the Deputy Speaker, but his party opposed it,” said Mishra.

Commenting on Pradhan’s statement, Congress MLA Mohammed Moquim said, "Bhartruhari is a wise man and there is no problem in praising him."

“Bhartruhari has been representing Cuttack in the Parliament for a long time. He is often part of many powerful committees in Delhi. He is a wise person and there is no problem in praising him. Those who are intolerant will be displeased with his praise,” said Moquim.

On the other hand, BJD compared BJP to Mahabharat’s ‘Shakuni’.

“BJP is playing the role of Mahabharat’s ‘Shakuni’. They are harming Odisha’s interest by playing the role of Shakuni in Pandava’s camp. If BJD is Kaurava and they are Pandavas then what happened in the election?” questioned BJD MLA Bhagirathi Sethi.

“Dharmendra should mind the affairs of his own party rather than praising Bhartruhari. There are many fissures in their own party and Dharmendra should mind in mending those,” said Sethi.